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IDEAL 70 - System IDEAL 70 - windows open to the outside, designed for the British market. Five-depth profiles of 70 mm. Perfect form of a series of profiles IDEAL 70 combines the latest technology with the highest comfort apartment.

The harmonious forms, robust construction and attractive design is a guarantee of timeless elegance. Gentle curves and bevels allow satisfy the most refined tastes and the highest expectations of the user.

Glazing system provides packets to the furnaces 40 mm wide, so from the outside and from the inside.

The attractiveness of the system makes a wide range of all sorts of additional profiles, connectors and extensions.



holenderskieWindows Blockprofile Dutch NL Dutch

The BLOCKPROFIL NL used for building windows "Dutch". Blockprofili systems are distinguished by the use of frames having a width of 120 mm, which can be combined with the different variants of wings (niezlicowanych, półzlicowanych and flush) with a width of 70 mm.

Extra wide door frames, fitted with external rebate enable easy and aesthetic way installation of windows in a building made of face brick (clinker) without additional treatment masonry.

The system also includes profiles for the construction of windows and doors opening to the outside, placed in a frame with the accommodation has become glazed or opening to the inside. Profile of the package beyond the standard white color (9016), and decorative veneer are in color
cream (9001) is often required by customers.


skandynawskieScandinavian windows Scandinavian Nord-Line

A characteristic feature of the Nord-line profiles based on a narrow face of a method of opening the windows to the outside. This is especially characteristic for the building style Nordic markets, and advancing on the wings wind pushes them to provide a better seal. In addition, opening the way out to save space in the room.

The frame has a width of 120 mm building, while the wing 70mm. The posts and crossbar have a special decorative shape from the side of the room.

The system is characterized by a modern design with soft curves and slants.

Nordline system allows the use of glazing thickness up to 41 mm.



francuskieThe windows on the French market and Italian

The renovation frames is used for installation of windows without removing old frames. The specificity of this type of windows is to use a special framework of the so-called restoration. covering strip, which includes a wooden frame to create a distinctive band from the inside and from the outside we can use special profiles encapsulating.

Masking Profiles under have different widths, but it is also cutting into their particular needs. There is no need to dismantle the old wooden frames (or possibly other materials).

Frame restoration have also reduced the amount of that due to the installation on the old frame, not to limit significantly the surface of the glazing. This setup avoids the risk of damage to the facade of the building, accelerates time to replace the windows and avoid the part of the finishing works (repair and painting)


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